The Boru 400i

The Boru 600i

Fancy a change in your living room - the stylish new Boru 400i inset stove will suit most standard openings. It's stylish, sleek and contempory with a choice of trims to suit your home.

The Boru 600i is a stylish stove which delivers a 10Kw Output with a large flame viewing area. The Boru 600 comes standard as a multifuel stove - is also available in range of matt colours

The Boru 900i

The Boru Fiachra

The Boru 900i is a masterpiece of technology and design. This stove has twin turbines fitted as standard so the heat can be vented where its needed. It also has C02 burn technology so you can contribute your bit for the environment

The Boru 7Kw inset stove is a feisty one. It will fit into your standard open fireplace. It has a massive output of 7Kw. With it's natural convection you can be sure your hard earned cash is not going up the chimney

Boru CroĆ­ Beag

Doras Firefront

An Croi Beag is Irish for The Little Heart. This little  heart is full of heart with 4.8Kw output. The Croi beag comes with an airwash system for cleaner glass and will suit a standard 16" and 18" Opening

Doras is Irish for Door and this is exactly

what this is. The Doras is a Firefront that

can be retrofitted to most standard 16" and

18" fireplaces. This unit can be used in conjunction with an existing back boiler.

Boru Fiachra 6Kw

Carraig Beag 8Kw

The Fiachra multifuel stoves are a class leader when it comes to room heating. It is big enough to heat a good size room (6Kw) but small enough to sit on a standard hearth. Above image shows the Fiachra with optional Log Box

The Carraig Beag is one of the biggest little Stoves on the market. With its massive 8Kw output it really energises the coldest rooms. t's big enough to heat a large room but small enough to sit on a standard hearth.

Carraig Mor 30Kw

Carraig Mor 25Kw

The Carraig Mor boiler model has a massive output of 25kw. It heats up to 15 radiators and gives an Impressive 4kw to the room. Also available in Double Sided. Colour options available

The Carraig Mor 30kw is one of the most powerful

stoves on the market and comes with all the usual Boru refinements as standard such as C02 burn technology and an automatic damper making it also one of the most efficient stoves on the market.


The Chieftain

The Chieftain boiler model is a class leader when it comes to insertable stoves. It has the highest output available for a standard opening add that with its style and you know you are onto a winner. The Chieftain heats up to 12 single radiators.

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