Heat your radiators and hot water for €980 per annum (approx)



FIREBOX heating furnaces are modernized version of UKS heating furnaces that has been enjoying popularity for many years. Being standard heating furnaces they can be used with any kind of fuel and they make up an alternative for gas-fired, oil-fired and coal-fired heating furnaces of old types. In this kind of heating furnaces it is possible to burn such fuels as fine coal, coal, wood, pellets and fuel mixtures as well as biomass components. They can be used in central heating systems in flat buildings, workshops, industrial buildings and public utility buildings.


Operation principles


Available power rating: 15-43 kW. FIREBOX heating furnaces meet with energy-ecology standard proved by ecological certification issued by the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. They are equipped to fan and microprocessor-based regulator that controls heating furnace performance. It has a huge influence on raising heating furnace efficiency, it makes handling easier, keeps temperature set point on appropriate level and controls operation of circulation pump, supposing the system was equipped to one.


Modern construction and system of air distribution allow to burn fine coal using "from the top" burning method. It significantly reduces environment pollution. Instead of standard control automation system and blower, heating furnaces can be equipped to draught regulator which decreases price of the device. Heating furnaces are characterised with very big furnace chamber which let on filling up fuel tank with substantial amount of fuel in comparison with other similar heating furnaces. The result is slow combustion upon single fill-up. Depending on applied fuel and control units the heating furnace works in so-called average round-clock system, which means fuel fill-up takes place once a twenty four hours on average. Wide fill-up door enable loading significantly larger pieces of fuel.


Heating furnace design


Body of the FIREBOX heating furnace consists of furnace chamber and heat exchanger made of high quality attested steel. Furnace is of cuboidal shape and is closed from the bottom with water grate made of attested thick-walled pipes. In UKS-G heating furnace, convection ducts are located in upper part of the body (upper duct) and they take shape of "shelves".


Such design significantly affects life time of the heating furnace since there is no phenomenon of condensation of combustion gases in convection part. What is more, water tubes made of thick-walled pipes were installed in one of ducts. In the front part of UKS-G heating furnace there is revision cleaning hole which facilitates access to convection ducts.


Heating furnaces UKS-G are equipped to thermal-resistant wide furnace door and fill-up door with purpose-made thermal gasket in the front of the heating furnace body. Whole body was covered with high-grade thermal insulation which is protected by steel casing. Central heating furnaces UKS-G must be installed according to standard PN-91/B-02413 and BN-71/8864-27 concerning open vent water heating installations safety and open vent expansion tank.

* Running cost price shown is an estimate and based on usage in an actual customers home.

1. Thermal Insulation ensures reduced heat loss.


2. Convection channels in the upper part of the boiler designed for longevity and greater efficiency.


3. The combustion chamber are made of high grade steel thereby guaranteeing superior quality.


4. Large Combustion chamber for increased fuel capacity and longer burning times.


5. Combustion holes for improved combustion and lower emissions


6. Fixed water grate is made of approved heavy walled pipes ensuring the long vitality.


7. Fan and easy to use control panel for optimum control.


8. Fitted thermometer that displays the boiler temperature.


9. Cleaning access door with convenient access to the convection channels.


10. Wide Firebox door with universal door fixing allows the door to be hinged on either the left or right hand side.


11. Firebox door and lower ash / cleaning out door are fitted with thermal plate and insulation to reduce heat loss. All doors are

fitted with gaskets that prevent smoke releasing from the unit.

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