the benefits of UNDERFLOOR HEATING

At Walsh Heating and Plumbing we are here to help you with your UnderFloor Heating requirements. We can work with you or your builders to spec. and draw detailed plans for your new heating system.


Underfloor heating is a wonderful way to discreetly heat your home, but with all the the benefits it provides. For example floor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators, heating costs are reduced and savings can be achieved. The system is invisible and frees up wall space as bulky radiators are not needed. This provides more space to be used and enjoyed. Our thermostat controls allows you to control your home zones. Underfloor heating also reduces humidity and air circulation this in turn means there are dust mites and allergens in the indoor air. No radiators also means no hot surfaces in your home to protect little hands...

At Walsh Heating and Plumbing we have a team and underfloor heating partners who will look at every aspect of your heating needs. We will created drawings and specification for your builders. All you need to do is get in touch with us, let us know your home details and we will do the rest.....give us a call today on 091-757248


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